On all your devices with Premium+

On your computer

Using Deezer on your computer?
It couldn't be simpler: open your browser, go to and pump up the volume.

Windows 8

Enjoy Deezer on your Windows 8 PC or tablet. Listen to your favourite albums and create playlists according to your mood.

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Deezer Controller

Access the Deezer site easily via your Mac dock and multimedia touch-screen devices (compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox). This will change your life.


Deezer Ubuntu Unity

Integrate Deezer into your Unity interface. Browse and select tracks to listen to directly on the Sound menu.

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Chrome Deezer Offline extension

Access the Chrome Deezer Offline mode plug-in on the Chrome Web Store and listen to your music without an internet connection. All you have to do is launch your internet browser, select Deezer and access your music library.

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Chrome Mediakeys extension

Chrome Mediakeys? It's a simple solution which lets you change tracks using your keyboard. Display the tracks and artist on your desktop, pause what's playing, skip forward to the next track. All in one easy click!

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