Deezer for Mac

Thank you for downloading Deezer for Mac

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1. Download and install

Click on the Deezer file in your download folder.

2. Add Deezer to your Applications

Drag and drop Deezer into your Applications folder.

3. Run the application

4. Let's go!

You can now use Deezer for Mac.


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All your MP3s and your
in one place

You'll never need to have more than one music player open again. Once installed, Deezer for Mac imports your iTunes library in a flash. Then it's easy to create playlists and build your music library with all your music no matter where it comes from.


and intuitive

It's a new era for Deezer users, summed up in one word: simplicity! Add your favourite songs to the queue with a simple drag and drop from your Mac Finder.


Control your music
with Media Keys

Browse Deezer using your Mac Media Keys, just as you would in iTunes. Press play, pause, or adjust the volume, even if Deezer for Mac is not in the foreground.


Deezer for Mac requires OS X 10.8 or up.