Stolen Life

Arch Enemy | Durée : 02:58

Auteur : Michael Amott

Compositeur : Michael Amott

Everything so clear now It's written on your face In a world within a world I can smell the bridges burn Sharks ever circling They never go away In these dark, murky waters So hard to navigate and so easy to hate Paint me black, demonize me, this is how you pay me back? Do you ever really know someone until you look away? Misplaced my trust, only to learn, honesty is just a word This is a stolen life Before you walk away Don't forget to turn the knife What's next, more betrayal? Have I not suffered enough? You made me feel so alive Now you're just killing me killing me Carve away the rotten flesh It's time to burn Strip away the dirty lies Expose the ugly truth
Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.