I'm Stain, my name is Stain I don’t complain, I won't complain Do you comprend' what is the point of being born and being gone there must be a reason War to the east, Pain to the west War is at least, What we do 'best What we do best is sharing guns And kill for fun there must be a reason My name is Stain I guess my dad he had the sens of humour He gamme such a name cause stains they all mix together If you are red or blue you depend on the trends But stains is no problem : everywhere you find them The guy next door, is such a whore The food I eat is poison or I eat no food cause I can't find a store Ma mama says I must be a tough guy, to live out there I wanna know why ma mama says you got to be bad or beware Oh Mam' I no more share your point of view I know that bros are not so cruel They're not so bad, but just afraid The best to do is to give some comprend' I'm Stain My name is Stain So don't complain And take my hand, you take my hand So world it needs to shine again My little friend we've got to start again And to give some comprend'
Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.