Chain Of Keys

PJ Harvey | Durée : 03:09

Auteur : Polly Jean Harvey

Compositeur : Polly Jean Harvey

Fifteen keys hang on Fifteen keys hang on a chain The chain is old The chain is old and forms a ring The ring is in The ring is in a woman's hand She's walking on She's walking on the dusty ground The dusty ground's a dead-end track The neighbours won't be coming back Fifteen gardens overgrown Fifteen houses falling down The woman's old The woman's old and dressed in black She keeps her hands She keeps her hands behind her back Imagine what Imagine what her eyes have seen We ask if she We ask but she won't let us in A key so simple and so small How can it mean no chance at all? A key, a promise, or a wish How can it mean such hopelessness The circle is broken, she's dead The circle is broken, she said
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