I Got It Goin' On

Us3 | Durée : 05:18

Compositeur : Geoff Wilkinson, Mel Simpson, M. Powell, Kelly

Hey yo check it out I got a hype rhyme for ya That I'll rock from London England to the boondocks of Georgia Intelligent, benevolent, super, all the qualities of H-I-see the alley-ooper My main man and me we've been cool since day one Scoopin' all the fly girls, havin' all the fun Sport the dope threads and the hundred dollar kicks Makin' power moves so get off my Nah I won't say it, 'cause it's crystal, it's clear I get the job done each and every year Back in school I used to act the fool But I rocked an A average so everything's cool Tool, my pencil, the mic's my utensil I wreck the mic check and you can write that in stencil So you wonder why I made it and your shit is goin' wrong Hey yo troop, I got it goin' on! I'm like a mad man when I get the mic in my hand I run loose at the mouth 'cause I really don't give a damn I'm on a mission, chasin' a dream When I hear the beats thump I shake like a fiend And when the notes are blue I do the do with the Us3 crew Right in the back log, Geoff and Melle Mel y'all Chillin' on the track boy, mixin' up the schizmo, keepin' shit in fit form They got it goin' on Patterns in the poems get you open like a spliff If you take a sniff you might end up like a stiff 'cause it's funky, a hip-hop junkie is what I am Straight from Brooklyn with a gun in my hand I'm just kiddin', or should I say fibbin' or bare faced lyin' It doesn't matter, you know what I'm implyin' And if you still don't know what's goin' on Yo G I got it goin' on! Zoom-ga-zoom zoom-ga-zoom-ga-zay Sit back relax and I'll make your day Radical concepts that's my choice Freak it to the music and flow through my voice So let's face it, it's time to get back to the basics Sing a simple song that goes on and on and on I'm climbin' to the top just like King Kong And guess what? I got it goin' on!