Roy Ayers | Durée : 04:00

Auteur : Roy Ayers

Compositeur : Roy Ayers

Searching searching Do you hear what I hear Can you see what I see Everybody's crying out And yet we have no unity My friends always ask me Mary? tell me why do you weep 'Cause I'm trying to get over All the negativity That's why I'm searching Searching searching We are living in a world Of "who has what?" and "who is who?" But I'm telling you my friend The answer's right in front of you We are searching for a peace Piece of mind is what we need We are searching for the love That comes with the unity Oh ooh oh (oh) Oh ooh oh (everyday) Oh ooh oh (it rains) Oh ooh oh (can you stand the pain?) Oh ooh oh (why do we live the way we choose to live?) Oh ooh oh Oh (I'm telling you my brother right now that we got to be) Searching searching Oh ooh oh (oh) Oh ooh oh (why are we still searching) Oh ooh oh (when the answer's right in front of you) Oh Oh ooh oh (I'm telling you) Oh ooh oh Oh ooh oh (you better look straight a head of your path) Oh (because the love is always there) Searching searching I don't wanna fuss n' fight I just wanna make it right What can we do to be strong If we try to get along I'm not trying to preach to you But I am still searching too, yeah Me and you can do it, oh I don't ever wanna be stressed out I just wanna live my life The way I feel that I should be 'Cause I wanna be happy, happy What about you and me Searching searching
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