Album picture of Big Day

Big Day

Mister T.

26 ماي, 2015

أغاني الألبوم

A True Story Mister T. 04:00
Just A Little Bit Mister T., Katie Rose Summerfield 03:40
Big Day Mister T. 04:10
Yo Mister T. 03:55
This Is Not A House Track Mister T. 04:59
Move Like Us Mister T. 03:31
Let's Funk Mister T., Kate Sousoula Suarez 03:45
Everybody Is Going To Be There Mister T., Lucy Lune Gillespie 04:02
Mississippi Groove Mister T., Katie Rose Summerfield 03:59
Saturday Night Banger Mister T. 04:12

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