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Bucket O' Songs

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27 يون, 2019

أغاني الألبوم

Not Letting Go! Amanda K. Young 05:49
Behold, A White Horse Robert Ritz 03:53
God'll Give Ya Jus' the Right Whatever You Need! Alissa Ward 04:02
Don't Give Up! Daniel A. Lavoie 03:20
Mama's Torah (Instrumental) C. Denise Young, Michael Persons 02:45
We Honor Your Gifts Amanda K. Young 04:40
Dreaming of Trains (Instrumental) C. Denise Young, Michael Persons 04:31
Rest in My Father's House C. Denise Young 04:14
We Honor Your Gifts (Instrumental) Anthony Fuoco 04:40
Soliloquy (Instrumental) Michael Persons 04:50

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