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A Short History of Nearly Everything

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29 ينا, 2016

أغاني الألبوم

Heights and Plans Germlin 02:36
Origin The Frozen North 07:38
Threnody The Boy Cartographer 05:17
Damn Boy Damn Girl (Flying Matchstick Men vs. Grnr) Flying Matchstick Men & Grnr 05:33
Victory Is Assured Laeto 05:12


Errors 05:08
Thug Wife (Lo-Fi Starry Sky Demo) Heads Down Thumbs Up 02:18
Stræti Stórborgar Jón Þór 03:58
24 Préludes, Op. 28: No. 7 in A Major Clem Leek 02:43
Ghostie Pelts 04:54
Mechanical Viper Grinds Slowly North Titus Gein 02:25
Fracture Split Shivers and Shakes 04:36
Catkin Troika 03:53
Torch Number One Macrocosmica 06:04
Lighthouse Keeper (Demo) Those Who Dream By Day 03:48
Somewhere Near You... (Somewhere on a Journey with Antonymes Remix) Neil Milton 05:39

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