Album picture of Tekkkno Trax (42 cult techno tracks from the 90´s)

Tekkkno Trax (42 cult techno tracks from the 90´s)

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29 ينا, 2016

أغاني الألبوم

Ready for the Nightflight Psychopilots 08:46
Auferstanden aus Ruinen (Robotnico Remix) United Rave Orchestra 05:09
Metal Junkiez (Club Mix) Metal Junkiez 05:09
Fuck me


The Bleep 04:54
I Can Make You Feel Good Shaguhachi 03:30
Escape from New York (Main Title) (The Crazies Arrive Mix) D.U.K.E. 05:28
The President is gone Techno Force 04:54
Manipulation Alternate States 02:00
Why kill Supermann ? (Dr. Doom´s Acid Mix) The Superkill 04:58
Somewhere over the Rainbow C-Factory 03:33
It Takes Me Away Electric Factory 03:11
Le cygne Sign Of Zodiac 04:51
A-a-a-h! (Vamos) Manitou 06:09
Für Elise Sign Of Zodiac 03:36
Dance ´n´ Die HYPNOTIZER 05:02
Nothing but Pain Alternate States 04:30
The Optimizer The Commando 04:39
Who killed J.F.K. ? Beestery 05:24
SX 2 Fatal Zystem Error 04:39
No time, no Space V.D.E. 05:33

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