Album picture of Stompin' Vol.1, 20 Crazed Rhythm´n´blues Pounders

Stompin' Vol.1, 20 Crazed Rhythm´n´blues Pounders

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18 ينا, 2016

أغاني الألبوم

Get It Silvertones 02:06
Got My Gun Cee Pee Johansen 01:52
I Feel a Little Lonely Earl Conley B. 01:47
I Had a Little Dog Big Jack Reynolds 02:25
I´m in Love Johnny Spain 02:32
Did You Do the Mosquito J.L. Smith 02:28
Fun Fun Lloyd Nolen 02:11
Cleo The Mark Five 02:23
Blues in the Night Morris Lane & His Magic Saxophone 02:35
Monkey Mash The Sounds Of Jack Downes 02:06
Uprisin The Cherokees 02:21
Cold Chills The Sounds 02:33
A New Kind of Lovin´ Eden Kane 02:12
Each Day Ann Cole 02:18
Five Feet of Lovin´ Freddy Robinson 01:49
Have Gun The Clovers 02:03
Big Leg Woman Guitar Nubbit 02:33
Baby I´m Coming Home Mack Rice 02:10
Exite Me Daddy Camile Howard 02:19
Bow Legged Annie The Deltones Ft. The Gypsy 02:28

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