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60's R&B

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14 نوف, 2017

أغاني الألبوم

Rainy Confession Blues Roy Milton 02:45
Arabian Blues Jimmy Beck Orchestra 02:42
Blue Boy Chris Powell 02:42
Rhythm Cocktail Roy Milton 02:24
Worryin' Anyhow Blues Luke Jones 02:54
Hard to Go Through Life Alone Paul Gayten & Band 03:08
Country Girl Blues Chris Powell 03:14
Keep a Dollar in Your Pocket Roy Milton 02:23
Heartbroken and Worried Ike Turner 03:09
Toodle Luddle Baby Chubby Newsom, The David Clowney Orchestra 02:20
Baby I'm Tired Bobbie James 02:32
Hey, Little Girl Paul Gayten & Band 02:40
Ride Daddy Ride Fats Noel 02:11
Cruised Frank Dalton & The Dalton Gang 02:03
Chop Chop Hole in the Wall The Boulevards 01:59
Ain't You Glad Nature Did It Joe Perkins, The Rookies 02:05
I'm Lonesome Baby Ike Turner 03:04
Still in the Dark Big Joe Turner 02:49
Fugi Womma Tony & The Masquins 01:50
Won't You Please Come Back L.C. Williams 02:39

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