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The Battle of Metal, Vol. 1

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13 فبر, 2015

أغاني الألبوم

The Hills Have Eyes Cypecore 05:40
Deadly Embrace Arising Fear 04:57
Feuersturm Nachtschatten 05:00
Forsaking Freedom Scarscab 05:05
Southern Comfort Zombie Deus Ex Vagina 05:16
Sempiternal Pain Slaughterra 05:24
Pile of Shards Sunchair 05:03
Black Demon Sober Truth 04:27
Shellshock Aftermath Terminate 03:28
Insane No Joke 04:23
My Last Tequila Face down 05:15
Fattiestakingselfies Clashman 03:28
Worldwide Collapse Mortal Agony 03:04
Mechanical Dreams Fall Of Death 05:14
What the Hell? Extize, Steven Johnson 04:47
When Darkness Will Not Fade True Reason 05:03
Dead Man's Boogie Dead Man's Boogie 06:00
Punishment Abnormal End 06:29
Revenge of the Antichrist, Pt. 1 Devil-M 03:22
Dead Upon the Cold Earth Searing Skull 05:23

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