Album picture of Songs of Love: Pop, Vol. 25

Songs of Love: Pop, Vol. 25

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01 يول, 2015

أغاني الألبوم

Brittany Loves Jamba Juice, Gould, and Rome Beltzer 03:00
Eduardo Loves Caruso, Sportstar, and New Jersey Beltzer 02:57
Derrick Loves Chia, Persian, and Big Apple Allocco 02:48
Garrison Loves Guacamole, Yahoo, and Comic Book Allocco 02:42
Stephanie Loves Ihop, Fish, and Farfetch'd Allocco 03:04
Craig Loves Forks, Checkers, and Klang Diton 03:20
Jordan Loves Water Games, Klinklang, and Pluto Muwalla 03:29
Esther Loves Maithili, Olive Garden, and Oregon Campbell 03:23
Venny Loves Slaking, Honking Horns, and Weavile Linares 02:14
Allyson Loves Meganium, Animal Sanctuary, and Watches Lynne 03:42

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