Album picture of Rock & Roll Salvation, Vol. 2

Rock & Roll Salvation, Vol. 2

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25 أبر, 2007

أغاني الألبوم

We're Not Gonna Take It Thee Ultra Bimboos 03:22
Fly into the Midday Sun Supersuckers 03:21
Melancholy, Understanding Neil Leyton 02:54
It's Too Late Dave Kusworth 02:50
Good Luck Gaby Savransky Actualities 02:46
Flowers The Psyclones 03:24
Wine & Roses Sonic Boom 04:33
Be My Lover Sensacional Plasma 05:20
Sugar Scales Cyber Jack 03:33
Joan Jett The Pariahs 02:55
Me and Myself Baby Scream!!?! 03:54
Russian River Nikki Sudden & The Last bandits 05:11
No More Good Feelings Corazones Muertos, Joe Klenner 03:42
End of the Line The Love Injections, KJ 03:19
Hot Wheels The Black League 02:40
Look in the Mirror The Pocket Rockets 03:02

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