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Discology 4

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12 فبر, 2017

أغاني الألبوم

It's Over (DJ Meme Remix) Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford 07:35
In the Club Rob Hayes 04:58
Ma quale idea (Jamie Lewis Sex on the Beach Mix) Pino D'Angiò, Francesco Cofano 07:25
Disco Cool Seb Skalski 06:33
Sunshine Hotel (Main Mix) Jamie Lewis, Nick Morris 07:27
I Wanna Rock You (Jamie Lewis Master Mix) Farley Jackmaster Funk, Giorgio Moroder, Jamie Lewis 07:22
Watcha Gonna Do with My Lovin (F & B House Mix) Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, La Shonda Reese 07:44
Love Me (Back to '54) (Fabrizio Rosset and Manyus Trumpet Mix) House Device, Sandy Soul 05:59
Believe Jamie Lewis, Lisa Millett, Tanja Dankner 08:03
If You're Gonna Be (Rob Care & Darren Glen Remix) Misteralf, Iñaky Garcia, Sandy Soul 05:50
Get Dancing (On the Floor) (Instrumental) Diego Broggio, Castaman, Roz Brown 05:24
Burn Baby Burn (PB Sunrise Mix) Paolo Barbato, Keith Thompson 05:52
Do You Remember (15Minutes Of Vibeapella) Jamie Lewis, Souslstar Syndicate, Darryl D'Bonneau 14:45
Stand Up (Diego Auguanno Dub Mix) Deep Grounder, Virag 07:41
Everybody Get Up Terrence Parker, Tamara Debor 05:59
Without You (Jamie Lewis Special WMC Master Mix) Jamie Lewis, Marc Evans 07:58
Give Me Your Love (David Mark Poly Disco Mix) Walterino, Eric 08:17
Refind Your Dynamite (Mario Marques Reprise) Mário Marques, Troy Denari 07:51
Then Came You (Montana & Stewart Live Beat Intro Mix) Harley & Muscle, India 08:31
Jump Antony Fennel 06:47

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