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The Songs of Tony Quarrington

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19 فبر, 2017

أغاني الألبوم

Welcome / Introduction (Live) Heather Fielding 00:45
Down by the Dirty Don (Live) Jon Brooks 04:09
Blue Cadillac (Live) Glen Hornblast 05:08
When Townes Sang 'Em Down (Live) David Storey 04:45
Jubilee (Live) Hotcha! 03:39
Jimmie's Last Blue Yodel (Live) Wendell Ferguson 04:36
Full Moon and Welfare Cheques (Live) Sebastian Agnello 03:40
Lightning Man (Live) Brian Gladstone 05:01
I Wanna Be a Blues Guy (Live) Wayne Neon 04:36
Broken (Live) Isabel Fryszberg 04:28
Gee, But It's Drunk out Tonight (Live) Soozi Schlanger 03:54
Frida and Diego (Live) Noah Zacharin, Laura Fernandez 06:07
Hellhound on My Lawn (Live) Allan Fraser, Marianne Girard 04:34
Big One on the Way (Live) Howard Gladstone 05:56
How Many Miles to Babylon? (Live) Joe Hall 03:45
Heartstrings (Live) Stuart Laughton 03:24

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