Album picture of Looking for Europe (The Neofolk Compendium)

Looking for Europe (The Neofolk Compendium)

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21 أكت, 2005

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Angels of Ashes Scott Walker 04:19
Hangman and the Papist The Strawbs 03:25
Fire of Life Changes 03:54
The Ride Blood Axis 05:45
Willow's Song ماجنيت 04:43
Wind That Cracks the Leaves In Gowan Ring 06:18
Little Black Boy Thee Majesty 05:32
Voices The Royal Family And The Poor 04:11
Wyndham Hill Paul Roland 04:05
Playing with the Fire Ordo Equitum Solis 03:48
The End of Day T.A.C. 04:09
Love's Promise (Remix) Sieben 06:22
Ride, Rune, Ride Mother Destruction 05:07
You Forget to Answer (Live) Nico 04:00
Henbane Agnivolok 07:52
Nomadic Man Sorrow 04:46
Looking for Europe (Against the Modern World Version) Sol Invictus 04:15
Stolze herzen Ernte 03:44
Unser die Welt, trotz alledem Hekate 02:10

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