Album picture of Jazz Calls: Best of Australian Jazz 2017

Jazz Calls: Best of Australian Jazz 2017

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03 نوف, 2017

أغاني الألبوم

Able Able Matthew Nicholls Septet 04:42
Birds Trish Delaney-Brown Quintet 07:16
Fusion, No Confusion Sorcha Albuquerque Trio 06:35
All of Me (Live at Jazz Lab, Melbourne, 2017) Olivia Chindamo, Sam Anning 05:13
Boubacar (Live At The Studio, Opera House, Sydney, 2016) James McLean 03:38
Nigeria Australian National Jazz Orchestra, Mat Jodrell, Roger Manins 06:40
And Away Stephen Magnusson, Frank Disario 04:55
Love Is Patient Gian Slater, Hieronymus Trio 05:54
Mr Knight (Live At Performing Arts Centre Theatre, Wangaratta, 2016) Danny Fischer, Sam Anning, Mark Fitzgibbon, Mike Rivett 05:17
Time To Be Still (Live At Performing Arts Centre Hall, Wangaratta, 2016) Spirograph Studies 09:39

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