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The Renaissance Man

Track Sketcha

24 فبر, 2011

أغاني الألبوم

Intro - 우문현답 (feat. J.Logic) Track Sketcha, J.Logic 01:19
Hold On To Your Dream (feat. Beat.Jun) Track Sketcha, Beat.Jun 03:52
To You (feat. J.Logic, Co.I) Track Sketcha, J.Logic, Co.I 03:49
T.S. In Da Buildin' (feat. DJ Writz) Track Sketcha, DJ Writz 02:50
잊지 못해 미워한다 (feat. DS_Connexion, Peace_tone)


Track Sketcha, DS Connexion, Peace_tone 03:25
Skit - You Hearing Me? Track Sketcha 01:25
Holla, Back! (feat. Sound C'Rhyme)


Track Sketcha, Sound C'Rhyme 02:45
Te Quiero A Ti (feat. 윤홍경) Track Sketcha, 윤홍경 03:10
Show Me The Money (feat. Beat.Jun) Track Sketcha, Beat.Jun 02:55
Hold On To Your Dream (Instrumental) Track Sketcha 03:54

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