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01 ينا, 1986

أغاني الألبوم

Daydream Believer (Cheer Up Peter Reid) (Vocal Version) Simply Red & White 03:07
Niall Quinn's Disco Pants (Single Mix) A Love Supreme 04:06
Ain't No Stopping Us Now Sunderland F. A. Cup Final Squad 1992 03:56
I Scored the Winner at St. James' Park Gary Rowell 02:15
Black Cat Boogie Kinky 03:55
I Can't Help Falling in Love With You Leatherface 02:37
Football Fanatic Comatose 03:23
We're On Our Way Micawba 03:43
Music From the ALS Film A Love Supreme 04:15
I Scored the Winner at St. James' Park Marco Gabbiadini 03:57
Wear 40,000 Strong Chris Walton 04:02
Walk Into the Light Dr. Delta 03:41
I Left My Wife in the Stadium of Light ألفي 03:02
The Last Roar at Roker A.L.S. 05:38
Niall Quinn's Disco Pants A Love Supreme 06:15

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