Album picture of Civilization and its Discontents

Civilization and its Discontents

The Evildoers, Aka Versatile, Noche, Tsi Labrev, Revelations, Yari Love, Master Wah, Wue

07 أبر, 2017

أغاني الألبوم

The Re-up The Evildoers, Tsi Labrev 03:00
Burn it Down The Evildoers, Wue 03:40
It's Just Swagger The Evildoers, The Evildoers featuring Aka Versatile and Noche, Aka Versatile, Noche 02:54
Long Time Coming The Evildoers, Revelations 03:10
The Extraction The Evildoers, Tsi Labrev 02:09
Rhyme Scholars The Evildoers, The Evildoers featuring Noche and Aka Versatile, Noche, Aka Versatile 02:37
It's a Love Story The Evildoers, Tsi Labrev 02:36
Burning all the Bullshit The Evildoers, The Evildoers featuring Noche, Yari Love and Aka Versatile, Noche, Yari Love 03:58
Dewars vs. Black The Evildoers 03:31
Church The Evildoers, Tsi Labrev 01:10

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