Album picture of Exotic 2017 (Only DJ's Extended Versions)

Exotic 2017 (Only DJ's Extended Versions)

مجموعة فنانين

20 يول, 2017

أغاني الألبوم

Taste of Love DJ Sanny J, Kohlrabi 02:59
I Won't Live Without You (Extended Mix) Francesco Caramia, Francesca Speciale 04:47
The 2nd Pick Mario Catalano, Demon 04:16
Nowhereland (Extended Mix) Phat Pixel, Attilson & Aldo Bit, Alex Zollo 04:51
Come On Over (Stephan F Remix) Simone Di Bella 04:36
We Gonna Fly (Extended Mix) Francesco Russo 04:07
Got to Be Real Dangerous 03:08
Don't Wake Me Up DJ Sanny J, VIKTOR 03:36
Emborrachémonos Lorena (Santo Domingo) Davy Floris, Ariel 03:40
Summertime (Extended Mix) Davy Bee, The Romy 05:15

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