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The Battle of Metal, Vol. 5

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12 ينا, 2018

أغاني الألبوم

Iced Coffee The Black Russian's 03:32
Maelström Your Pride 04:47
Ocean Sized Moresk 03:44
Absolution Way of Changes 05:10
10.000 Falls Logical Terror 04:01
Gospel/Warsongs Boars 04:05
The Epilogue VENUES 03:59
Mental Storm Moonlight Asylum 03:48
Wendigo Auger 04:40
Gib mir Kraft Eisenwut 03:22
Head for Disaster Beyond Remains 05:24
This Night Clouds Over Antwerpen 07:08
The Fierce Drak'Maar 04:38
Born to Fight Dust in Mind 05:05
Human Being Devil-M 03:15
Hope You All Die Soon Stoneman 03:50
Purple Heart The Black Capes 03:57
Strictly by Design Vermouth 03:30
The Coldest Sun The Autist, Alina Lesnik 05:36
Dievs Stagnant Project 05:48

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