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Shards of Memories

Various Artist

23 فبر, 2018

أغاني الألبوم

The Shadow Out of Time (Story Version) Shanxin 05:22
Hello, How Are You? (Story Version) Xinyuebingbing 05:44
Nothing Is Impossible (Story Version) Tutehameng 05:54
Truancy (Story Version) Gudi 05:49
So Many (Story Version) C Minor 04:53
Inexplicable Dream (Story Version) Dingdang 03:16
The Strongest Signal (Story Version) Xinyuebingbing, Youwuyueshan, Tutehameng & Slayerboom 04:43
My Way (Story Version) Slayerboom 04:33
Yearning & Farewell (Story Version) Xiaoliansha 06:35
Scenery of the Past (Story Version) Youwuyueshan 06:36

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