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Feeling Nice Vol.2

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07 أكت, 2013

أغاني الألبوم

Why, Why, Why'd She Leave Me? Lenis Guess 02:39
Gettin' Soul (Part 1) Aalon Butler & the New Breed Band 02:45
Gettin' Soul (Part 2) Aalon Butler & the New Breed Band 02:52
Soul Block Len & the P.A.'s 02:38
Reach Down and Get It Nola & the Soul Rockers 02:41
Allen's Party Allen Matthews 02:37
H'way of Love Carole Veal 03:09
I Feel Good Duffy Jackson Orchestra, Johnny Apollo 03:05
Kickin' Kickin' Mustangs 01:57
Get Away!! Little Gregory & the Concepts 03:22
Do Your Own Thing Filet of Soul 02:52
The James Brown Bougeloo Little Genie Brooks 02:19
Cat Scream Lil Buck & The Top Cats 03:02
Charge It Up, Baby Soul Chargers 02:22
Barn Yard Pimp Soul Explosion 03:25
Mr. Lucky Freddy Hill, The Reno Bops 02:18
Jelly Fish Soul Dukes 02:26

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