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Rok's World

Rok Dog

25 يول, 2018

أغاني الألبوم

I'm Rockin' Rok Dog, Redhooknoodles 04:12
Toast and a Dream Rok Dog, JMK Instrumentals 03:12
I Need a Quickie


Rok Dog, Jacob Lethal 03:22
Up in This Club Rok Dog 03:40
Outlaw Rok Dog, Xavior Jordon 03:08
We Need to Fuck


Rok Dog, Mxs Beats 03:35
Takin' It Back Rok Dog, Dominik Wirsching 02:58
Sun Presence Rok Dog, Mantra 03:12
Above the City


Rok Dog, Ivan Based 04:24
I Don't Give a Fuck


Rok Dog, Jacob Lethal 03:17

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