Album picture of Test Card Music, Vol. 6

Test Card Music, Vol. 6

فنانون متنوعون

01 فبر, 1999

أغاني الألبوم

Well, All Right Ben Cooper & His Band 02:48
Lovely Lips Jack Wolfe & His Music 02:40
Flying High The William Gardner Orchestra 02:45
The Balck Madonna Hans Hatter & His Orchestra 02:15
Serenade for Lovers Detlef Rath & His Orchestra 02:19
Fawn Lake Forest The Frank Madison Orchestra 02:39
Petite Promenade Orchestra Raphaele 03:20
High Azores The Goody Gudera Band 02:24
Girlinde Hans Hatter & His Orchestra 02:59
Little Dancer The William Gardner Orchestra 02:30
Modern Music Box The Karas-Hildinger Orhestra & Chorus 02:08
At the Last Moment Dof Van Der Linden & His Orchestra 02:43
African Dawn Orchestra Tropicanan 02:19
Sunny Isle The William Gardner Orchestra 02:41
Miss Anna Detlef Rath & His Orchestra 02:56
Happy Nadja The Good Gudera Band 02:39
Little Claudia Jack Wolfe & His Orchestra 02:04
Spooky Gallop Orchestra Raphaele 02:47
First Fancy Steps The Bobby Lee Orchestra 02:22
Nature Trail The William Gardner Orchestra 02:21

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