Album picture of Roots to Roots and Beyond

Roots to Roots and Beyond

Dave Holden

01 ينا, 2002

أغاني الألبوم

The Bleeze Dave Holden, Billy Tolles 05:39
Still Hangin In Dave Holden, jJabo Ward 04:45
Seattle on the Puget Sound Dave Holden 03:04
BC Lament Dave Holden, Buddy Catlett 04:48
She Came to Me Dave Holden 03:35
Sasha Sasha Dave Holden, Steve Black 04:51
We Begin Our Lives Together Dave Holden, Hayley Blackwell 04:10
Onion Skin Dave Holden, Johnny Lewis 04:27
Within Your Eyes Dave Holden, Steve Black 03:42
There's a Place Where Lovers Go Dave Holden 05:12

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