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Unfold: Soca Compilation

فنانون متنوعون

21 ديس, 2012

أغاني الألبوم

Bring Ah Flask and Come Chosen 03:19
Find D Truck MC Chess 03:22
Propeller Stunta 03:10
Roti Man Lion Heart 04:02
More Rum Nicholas Khan 03:26
Big Band Marlon D Manager 03:26
Another World Duce Man 04:02
Hypnotize Patriotic 03:22
Gimme D Ting Steve I 04:02
Wuk Up Chosen 03:31
Pace Toothpick, Kreg 04:00
Ready to Roll Marlon D Manager 03:55
Wet Meh Chosen 03:36
Carpark Lincoln 02:56
Sexy Girls Lion Heart 03:08
Wickedest Bumper Janewale 03:59
So Good Patriotic, Duceman 03:08
Look Pon Dat Gal Stunta 02:21
Dan in D Van Crazy 04:28
Your Love Bling, Patriotic 03:33

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