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Vox Fractal

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السيرة الذاتية

Vox Fractal is a colombian music group that takes ethnic and traditional music elements to synthesize it in an alternative format, exploring new musical languages through electric guitars and ethnic drums. Most recent tours "Volando al Norte" (Mexico, 2019), Siguiendo el Mito (México - Colombia, 2018), México Fractal (México, 2017), and Eterno Retorno (Peru, 2016), allowed them to take their music to different places in latin american territory becoming more internationally visible and presenting their LP's "De la Inercia, el Mito y la Semilla" (2018) and "Eterno Retorno" (2016). They are currently in production stage of the next studio album and will start a new international tour to give a sound and sensory experience to those who like electric sounds and world music.