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Chasing September

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With songs about love and desire, heartache and longing, romance and relationships, Chasing September’s Don Davis combines his passion for Beatlesque pop with the spirit of Green Day and the craftsmanship of a modern singer songwriter. The result? Energy, Vibe. A diverse palette of indie rock, adult contemporary, punk, and power pop songs with soaring melodies, engaging harmony, and a driving groove. Davis, who is also a 7-time US national champion fencer and works as a NASA engineer, conceived of Chasing September as a creative outlet for his songwriting. The engineer in him drove the creation of a home studio and shortly after…all inspiration dried up. “Songs were almost done but I couldn’t push them to the finish line. Either I would get stuck on a lyric, decide to rewrite a chorus, or get lost in recording and mixing. After nearly three years, there was no music to listen to. Nothing I could be proud to share.” That changed in October of 2019. Davis took a trip to Egypt to compete in the fencing world championships. His tournament results were disappointing, but seeing the magic of Cairo and the Giza pyramids was enough to open the creative floodgates. He returned to his home studio in Maryland with renewed purpose and focus. A few months later, five songs were completed which will comprise his first EP. Another five songs are in the works and the muse continues to sing to him. Stay in the loop at