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Opus 30 Josh McCausland 03:32

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15 أبر, 2022

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Josh McCausland is a Chicago Based composer most notably known for his solo piano works. While being a trained filmmaker and a visual artist, Josh tried his hand at composing for his first short film, Chaos Theory, in 2018. The film won best original score at the Webdance Film Festival and Best Experimental film award at the LA Live Film Festival. Later in 2018, he self-produced, directed and scored another film called Anamnesis (Original Short Film Soundtrack) 
 McCausland and close friend Eric Setterlund formed Signal Mountain together in the summer of 2018. They released their first single Chambers, followed by, Familiar Trails, their first studio album in 2019. The two followed their album release with a score to a ballet performance of the Little Prince.
 Josh released his solo debut EP January of 2019 called, Karpman's Triangle, followed by Unaccompanied Melodies, Vol. 1, his first full solo album release. Later in 2019, he released Opus 23 followed by Opus 30 which reached over 4,000,000 streams in a few months. He went on to release Opus 31 in December of 2019.
 In 2020, Josh released his second album, Fearful Continuity, along with two singles, Opus 36 and Tempest Lull . A Tempest Lull also had a collaboration remix by Palpa. 
 Some of his musical influences include Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Dustin O'Halloran, Thomas Newman, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, John Mayer, Jacob Collier, Leonard Bernstein, Kamasi Washington, and Mac Quayle