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Dear Followers, that's me, born in '74 in Germany. I grew up in a family of musicians/singers, most of them fans of classical and baroque music. My first instrument was the violoncello. I liked it a lot and still I do - like several other instruments such as oud, piano, cajón, fretless bass guitar - but when I came across the guitar, I fell in love immediately. Since the age of about 12 years, I carry my love wherever I go, creating, recording and performing my personal style of music. Singing has always been some kind of a natural thing for me, so call me a singing guitarist or a guitar playing singer ... I did Blues, Rock, Pop, Classical music and lots of other genres ... but for about 25 years flamenco (guitar, dance, singing and percussion) is my favourite style of music/dance that influences and inspires me a lot. So, if you listen to my music or go to my concerts - solo or with my group madrugá flamenca - you'll find all of these musical currents there. I live in Freiburg (Germany) and run - side by side with my beautiful wife, who is a brilliant flamenco dancer - one of the biggest flamenco schools in Germany ( We have three wonderful boys, two cats and a dog - so don't expect me to release new tracks every month ;-) ... nevertheless I will try to do so. If you'd like to get in contact, find me on twitter, instagram, facebook or go to, there you'll find more information about me, teachers, career, tourdates etc. Cheers, Jörg