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Toma Sua Cavalona Mc Jacaré, 2X', De Olho no Hit 02:08

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Pequi de Goiás

لـ Mc Jacaré, De Olho no Hit

13 ماي, 2022

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Pedro Henrique, 17, known as MC Jacaré, is one of the great current promises of funk, the young artist is considered one of the greatest representatives of the Midwest in the genre; resident of Setor Urias Magalhães, in Goiânia, he says that he has always been involved with music. Since he was 14 years old he was encouraged by his family, he started in music as a DJ, at first he thought he would need a lot to be able to produce, but over time he saw that he could make music with little, he learned production by watching youtube tutorials, and started composing your first songs. The song that went viral as a preview, “Melhorar meu Dia”, was released on all digital platforms, accumulated millions of views, many influencers posted, among them their idol, Kevin O Chris, and in a short time reached the top 50 viral songs in the country. In a short time in his career, the funkeiro is already seen as one of the greatest of its kind in Goiás and one of the promises of funk in the country. He accumulates just over 3M of monthly listeners on Spotify, and his songs are part of the top chart playlists on spotify: The 50 most played in Brazil, The 50 most played in Portugal, The 50 viral in the world, The 50 viral in Portugal, The 50 viral Paraguay, The 50 Viral Switzerland and The 50 Viral Uruguay. The song "Comprei um Lança" debuted at # 194 on the Global Daily Chart, this is the first entry of MC Jacaré's career on the chart. Today, MC Jacaré is part of the group of artists from the producer and label Los Pantchos.