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Singer, composer, interpreter, Brazilian musician VITTO MEIRELLES was, from a very early age, smitten by the mixture of rhythms that characterizes his culture and his life. And so he absorbed his roots and his history. His musicality, his taste and his knowledge were born from the attention he has always paid to the rhythms and melodies of all those who made the history of Brazilian music. As a composer, he tirelessly searches for new harmonies, travelling in a plural universe where there are no borders between samba, bossa nova, jazz, classical, popular and traditional music. His lyrics create an intimate atmosphere and yet they are exuberant and realistic. His gentle voice is penetrating, his singing is deep and poetic. His rich and airy melodies oscillate between samba, jazz and tribal resonances. A true kaleidoscope. His resonant and harmonic search is truly elegant and makes him one of the indisputable masters of today´s Brazilian music. In Paris, has worked Yvonne Desportes (first Grand Prix of Rome 1932). Vitto composed to the cinema, theater and classic guitar. He has worked with great names such as Henri Salvador, Gilberto Gil, Agnes Jaoui, Salif Keita, Matthieu Chedid, Seu Jorge, Amadou Bakayoko, Jacques Morelenbaum, Lady Linn, Vincent Segal, Seb Martel, Arto Lindsay, Carlos Malta, Arthur Maia, Robertinho Silva, Mauro Senise, Kassin, Daniel Jobim, Seb Martel, Pedro Sá, Etc…