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ART OF PARTIES formed in Greece, in the early 80s, getting their name from a song on Japan's “Tin Drum.” A band somewhere between new wave and new romantics, they have been described as a "great electro-pop group from the 80's, sometimes seeming better than Roxy Music." Remasters and New Releases expected in 2021! Past Releases _ Last Time / Central Room (7" single); 1984 Creep Records _ Elements (LP); 1990 Pulse Records (on Spotify soon) PANTELIS VASSILAKIS: vocals, guitars. Writes new music, is a consultant for music festivals & venues in the US, & teaches acoustics at LMU, LA. DIMITRI VASSILAKIS: vocals, bass, keys. World-famous jazz composer, saxophonist, educator, & researcher, based in Greece. THANASSIS ECONOMOU: guitars. Architecture professor & shape computation specialist @ Georgia Tech. KOSTAS KYRIAKIDIS (drums): Composer & multi-instrumentalist (Spitfire, Raw Silk, Nostalgia For A Belief), writing new music out of the Midlands, UK. Original drummer, Giorgos Orfanoudakis, subsequently joined garage band “Brush” and has owned various entertainment spots in Athens. Now at Aplika: In the mid 80’s, after a series of transient drummers, George Katsoufis joined on synths. Now an architect with AECOM, Boston: