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Pankaj Kumar is a musical artist and a well-known singer. He has many popular musical works to date. He has had an unshakable interest in music from a very young age. He still remembers when he was the age of 12 and his mother said to him to turn off the radio yet it was his voice singing not the work of any device. This was one of his first interactions with his love for music. His early influences in the music field have been Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mahmood, Mohammed Rafi, KL Saigal, and Kishore Kumar. He learned to be humble about his music by viewing the works of Kishore Kumar and his appreciation of the art world through the mentioned and unmentioned names in music then and today. He has a propensity for learning and includes many types of music in his work such as Pop, Hip hop, Semi-classical, Trance, and Electronic Dance music. His goal is to bring out unique renditions of original and cover music through his channel. In one quote Kumar sums up his purpose for creating music for a social cause not just entertainment, "One song can unite billions" -Pankaj K.