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من بادي الوقت مع موال محمد عبده, Min Bai El Waqt, Mawal Eza Al Marao 09:36
يا بدايات المحبة محمد عبده 05:59
ليلة خميس مع موال محمد عبده, Lylet Khamis, موال 09:59
Al Amakin محمد عبده 11:55
ما تمنيتك محمد عبده 06:03
ماهو عادي محمد عبده 12:47
كثير اشتقت محمد عبده 07:02
Muzhilah محمد عبده 12:22
عذروب محمد عبده 04:46
مرت سنة محمد عبده, عبدالمجيد عبدالله 04:23

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08 ماي, 2022

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Mohammed Abdu is a well-known Saudi singer all across the Middle East, He had been described as "The Artist of Arabs". He entered the world of singing at an early age, going from only a student at the Institute of industrial Jeddah which he graduated from in 1963. From then, he was taken on a mission to Italy for the shipbuilding industry. The flight changed from Rome to Beirut, from building ships to a music career.