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Karen Barr

مُعجَب واحد

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السيرة الذاتية

Karen Barr is a folk inspired singer-songwriter whose songs overflow with imagery, layered storytelling and catchy melodies. Mark Dvorak described her newest release “Honey and Dirt” as a “folk-rocking good time.” Her debut EP is titled “Varnish and Made Up Sins.” Karen was born, raised, and has spent the majority of her life in Illinois-never more than a few miles from the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe line. 20 years a midwife, she has turned her creative energies toward writing and performing music best described as Americana. Her life experiences of raising a family and helping others grow theirs, has informed her songwriting with humor and empathy for the human experience. For Honey and Dirt, Karen Barr and the Tenders birthed the mournful longing of “Wishing Stone”, the sassy regret of “Wobbly Heart”, and the self-reflecting “Tender Mercy”.