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I Maddalen's Brothers

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Friendship, Music and Faith come together in one big project: I Maddalen's Brothers! However, let's start from the beginning, since five friends met in a small garage to play their instruments. The story of this great friendship, which has turned into something much greater when, gathered for music, they understand how it can be one of the most powerful means to spread and witness the message of God. From *E' l'ora che pia* to *Servo per amore*, passing by *Oggi in cielo è festa*, 10 years have passed, 10 years of words, music and prayers. I Maddalen's do not claim to be perfect as Gospel's Magdalene, the sinner, was. Like her, however, they want to announce the Risen Lord by returning the gifts received. For this reason, through their concerts, they retrace the journey made, sharing it with anyone who wants to stretch their ears and open their hearts, never forgetting that "who sing well, pray twice".