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Ain TheMachine – Música Biotronica Electronic music exclusively made with body, voice and everyday objects. Ain TheMachine is a musical language produced with four esencial elements: body, voice, everyday objects and technology. It is a symbiosis of the organic and the synthetic, of music and image in which the author creates a unique musical experience integrating and harmonising these different elements. The result is the new sonorous territory: Música Biotronica. Considering music as a universal right, Diego Ain, the project creator, finds his sound and connection to the audience in making music without actually using any musical instruments. Using the machines to process the sounds of body and voice, Ain Themachine creates a band new kind of auditive experience. In the world of Música Biotrtonica, everyday objects abandon their ephemeral existence to become the main characters of the music piece. Ain TheMachine performs the best when live, connecting with the audience and making them a part of the show construction. The result is a full AudioVisual performance full of rhythm, which invites you to dance and interact with the surrounding. Música Biotronica has sparked interest in many places around the world (Sarajevo, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Luxembourg, etc.), which has led Ain Themachine to collaborate with the TEDx Retiro (Madrid), the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Mercedes Benz, Bosch/Siemens, SkunkFunk, TC Electronics.