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SACERDOTE - KUDURU DJ/ SINGER/ PRODUCER Edmar Jorge Pires Domingos Mc Sacerdote Born in N ́Zeto, Zaire Province, Angola, on 10 July, 1985 Moved to Luanda as a small child, and started singing in Childrens Radio and TV programs at early age 2003 first computer “homestudio”. Sacerdote soon started with HipHop, Rap and KUDURU In his neighborhood Sambizanga, his studio “CIRCUITO FECHADO” is a landmark and community center, where youth gather, learn and create new sounds. 2009 he joined BATIDA, with Peder o Coquenão, with who Sacerdote participated in many European Festivals: like Sfinks - Belgium, 5Days Off - Holland, Main Act, Festival de Juventude de Aveiro, Boom Festival, Musicas do Mundo, Cines 2009, 2010, 2016, Festival Mestiço, Casa de Musica Porto, Festival do Sol, Caparipa, all in Portugal. Play Doc Galiza, Spain, Lusotronic Festival - Germany, Batofar - France 2010 Movimento S, Elinga Teatro Luanda 2013 recording with Pedro Coquençao, BATIDA in Lisbon, the foundations for DIZKUDURO were recorded and filmed. 2019 Sacerdote participated in HKW Berlin in Satch Hoyt AfroSoundMapping 2020 - 21 Community projects at his studio in Sabizanga,, lUanda and participating in film and theatre productions