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The Traveler (Remastered)



Faixas do álbum

The Traveler (Remastered) ātman 04:05
Deepest Garden (Remastered) ātman 04:45
Deseo (Remastered) ātman 04:29
Shaman's Drum (Remastered) ātman 06:06
The Wide Gate (Remastered) ātman 09:55
Butterfly Kiss (Remastered) ātman 04:58
Equinox (Remastered) ātman 04:32
In the Arms of Love (Remastered) ātman 05:17
The Unbound (Remastered) ātman 03:59
Dreaming a Life (Remastered) ātman 05:39

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