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Established in 2006, independent musicians Jammin' Jesse and His Bedroom Gangstas (JJAHBG) are the world's greatest bedroom performers. They personify the DIY aesthetic, as all of JJAHBG's music is written, recorded, and produced at home. This independence gives JJAHBG the freedom to make the music they care about, when they care about it, on their terms. For JJAHBG, creativity and self-expression come first. JJAHBG began life on a quiet summer afternoon in Southern California. Founding fathers Danger and Jesse were killing time before a backyard party with the aid of a tent, a plastic harmonica set, and copious amounts of rum and coke, when they were inspired to write a blues song. They penned JJAHBG’s first hit and cult classic “The Brett’s House Blues,” which they performed to much critical acclaim later that very day. Flushed with success and alcohol, Danger and Jesse decided to “get the band back together,” and JJAHBG was born. Blessed with neither musical knowledge, experience, nor instruments, things started slowly for the fledgling band. JJAHBG’s initial recordings were made using a simple computer microphone from the comfort of home. As they met and jammed with fellow musicians, the duo’s arsenal of knowledge and equipment deepened. Eventually joined by singer/songwriter/diety The Firegod and underground DJ/artist/creative firecracker Slate, by 2010 JJAHBG's roster and sound had rounded into the form we see today. JJAHBG's sound is difficult to define. At times raucous and rambunctious, and other times more poignant and introspective, the only rule to songwriting JJAHBG follow is to be true to their own creative impulses. Their influences range from classic rock, to theater, to progressive house, to hip hop; from the avante garde to the latest top 40 hit and everything in between. This is readily apparent in their music, as JJAHBG will hop from genre to genre at will, often fusing innovative combinations of instrumentation and songwriting to create something new altogether. Since beginning their musical journey, JJAHBG have crafted eleven full length albums while working with many talented musicians over the years. Their music can be found on all major download and streaming platforms. Their latest album Submersion was released in June 2020. Never willing to rest on their laurels, JJAHBG continues to create. 2020 marked the launch of the new podcast Making Music with JJAHBG. Tune in to listen to “the greatest podcast in human existence,” as the band discusses music, life, and everything in between.