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Mujer Amante Rata Blanca 06:03
Aún Estás En Mis Sueños Rata Blanca 05:03
Talismán Rata Blanca 05:15
La Leyenda del Hada y el Mago Rata Blanca 05:24
El Reino Olvidado Rata Blanca 05:36
Bajo El Poder Del Sol Rata Blanca 05:19
Diario De Una Sombra Rata Blanca 04:22
Pequeño Ángel Oscuro Rata Blanca 04:54
Anarquía Rata Blanca 04:24
El Guardián De La Luz Rata Blanca 06:10

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La Leyenda del Hada y el Mago
Mujer Amante
El Beso de la Bruja
Haz tu jugada

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Widely regarded as the first Argentine heavy metal act to gain international prominence, Rata Blanca was formed in Buenos Aires in 1986. Through the course of their career, the group became known as one of the most important heavy metal bands in Latin America, mixing elements of hard rock with classical music and virtuoso-level playing. The group has undergone a series of lineup changes, with guitarist Walter Giardino being the only member left from its original lineup. The group was formed when Walter Giardino left the group V8 and decided to start his own project, for which he recruited members Rodolfo Cava, Gustavo Rowek, and Yulie Ruth. After recording a four-song demo, the band went through several lineup changes before finally recording their debut album Rata Blanca (1988). The album was a success, with lead single “El Sueño de la Gitana” catching on with the non-metal crowd as well. Shortly afterward, the group recruited vocalist Adrián Barilari and recorded the follow-up Magos, Espadas, y Rosas (1990), showcasing a maturation of their sound. Lead single “La Leyenda del Hada y el Mago” became a classic in Argentine rock, and “Mujer Amante” was a commercial breakthrough for the group, being named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 100 greatest songs in Argentine rock. The group’s following expanded considerably with the release of their following albums such as Entre el Cielo y el Infierno (1994), and Rata Blanca VII (1997). The group took a brief hiatus in 1997, returning in 2002 with El Camino del Fuego, followed by a string of releases that established the band as elder statesmen of Argentine heavy metal, including La Llave de la Puerta Secreta (2005), El Reino Olvidado (2008), and Tormenta Eléctrica (2015).