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Bajan Pescado Rabioso 03:24
Todas las Hojas Son del Viento Pescado Rabioso 02:10
Superchería Pescado Rabioso 04:16
Cementerio Club Pescado Rabioso 04:55
Cantata de Puentes Amarillos Pescado Rabioso 09:07
Por Pescado Rabioso 01:39
Las Habladurias del Mundo Pescado Rabioso 04:03
A Starosta, el Idiota Pescado Rabioso 03:13
Viajero Naciendo Pescado Rabioso 02:54
Como el Viento Voy a Ver Pescado Rabioso 05:11

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Todas las Hojas Son del Viento
Cementerio Club

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Pescado Rabioso was an Argentinian hard rock and blues rock group that was active between 1971 and 1973. Led by legendary singer-songwriter Luis Alberto Spinetta, the group was originally rounded out by drummer Black Amaya and bassist Osvaldo Frascino; the line-up would later be expanded to include keyboardist Carlos Cutaia, and David Lebón would eventually replace Frascino on bass. The band was formed after the dissolution of Spinetta’s previous band Almendra, driven by his desire to make louder, heavier music. Their debut album Desatormentándonos was released in 1972, earning them acclaim and attention. Pescado Rabioso followed the album with three singles, including the ferocious blues rave-up of “Post-crucifixión” which continued expanding the group’s sonic palette and fanbase. Their second album, Pescado 2, was released in early 1973. It was a double album, putting the band’s prolificness and ambition on full display. Artistic differences would lead to the band’s dissolution; the 1973 album Artaud, though credited to Pescado Rabioso, is widely regarded as a solo album by Luis Alberto Spinetta. The group is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential bands in Argentine music history. Notably, American rapper Eminem sampled the Pescado Rabioso song “Ámame Peteribí” on his 2020 song “Stepdad.”