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El Derecho de Vivir en Paz Víctor Jara 04:37
Manifiesto Víctor Jara 04:31
Cuando Voy al Trabajo Víctor Jara 03:55
La Partida Víctor Jara 03:28
Abre la Ventana Víctor Jara 03:58
Oiga Pues Mijita Víctor Jara 02:44
El Alma Llena de Banderas Víctor Jara 04:02
Te recuerdo Amanda Víctor Jara 02:33
Plegaria a un Labrador Víctor Jara 03:18
A Desalambrar Víctor Jara 01:37

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El Derecho de Vivir en Paz
Abre la Ventana
La Partida
El Niño Yuntero

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Victor Lidio Jara Martínez, who went by the name Victor Jara, was a celebrated Chilean poet, teacher and singer-songwriter whose political activism led to his torture and murder during the regime of dictator Augusto Pincochet in 1973. He was a leader of what was called the new Chilean song movement (Nueva Canción Chilena) during the time of Salvador Allende, the leader who was overthrown in the coup that led to Pinochet's tyranny.

After performing in a local choir in San Ignacio, he spent many years in the theatre and released his self-titled debut album in 1966. Other studio albums include 'Pongo en tus Manos Abiertas' (1969), 'La Población' (1972) and 'Manifiesto', which came out in 1974. He released several live albums and there are many compilation releases including the eight-disc 'Colección Victor Jara' (2004). He recorded songs about everyday folk such as 'Te Recuerdo, Amanda' and 'Herminda de la Victoria' but also protest anthems including 'El Derecho de Vivir en Paz'.

Many artists have recorded tribute albums and he has been the subject of several documentary features and movies. In 2009, thousands gathered in Santiago when his body was finally given a dignified funeral. Then Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, who also was a victim of the Pinochet terror, said, "Finally, after 36 years, Victor can rest in peace."