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Les Rita Mitsouko

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C'est comme ça Les Rita Mitsouko 04:54
Marcia Baïla Les Rita Mitsouko 05:35
Terminal beauty Les Rita Mitsouko, Serj Tankian 03:45
C'est comme ça Les Rita Mitsouko 05:27
C'était un homme Les Rita Mitsouko 04:34
La sorcière et l'inquisiteur Les Rita Mitsouko 04:35
Alors c'est quoi Les Rita Mitsouko 03:42
Andy Les Rita Mitsouko 05:22
Les histoires d'a Les Rita Mitsouko 04:00
Ding Ding Dong (Ringing at Your Bell) Les Rita Mitsouko 03:39

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Les histoires d'a
C'est comme ça
Vol de nuit

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Rita Mitsouko was the name of a French new wave and pop-rock duo comprising singer Catherine Ringer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Chichin. The pair formed the band in 1980 and performed on the club scene in Paris and around France. Their eponymous debut album was released in 1984 and included the number two hit single 'Marcia Baïla'. They followed this with two other albums produced by Tony Visconti; both albums included songs in French and English. The second Visconti album, 'Marc et Robert' also included collaborations with the legendary American synth and rock band, Sparks, including a duet between Ringer and Sparks vocalist Russel Mael. In 1987 footage of the band appeared in cult-movie maker Jean-Luc Goddard's film 'Soigne ta Droite'. The duo continued to write, record and collaborate (including a duet with Iggy Pop) up until Chichin's death in 2007.